Information for Podcast Guests

THANK YOU for offering your time and expertise!
This is an entirely free show designed to inspire & educate parents about alternative types of schools. It is also a service to you – to help get your message out. So feel free to take the conversation in any direction you want. You’re the expert, it’s your show!

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Our promises to you:

  • We do not have to follow any script.
  • We will not ask any “gotcha” questions nor do any criticizing.
  • We will edit the podcast to remove mistakes and present you in the best light.
  • We will ask for your final review/approval before publishing.
  • We can prepare with you before the date of the recording, if you like. We will always have some time to chat right before recording.

Our requests of you (all optional):

  • A short bio, for use in the introduction.
  • A headshot / photo that can be used for the website and social media.
  • Your social media and website links to be promoted on the website. 
  • Pictures of your school, school activities or projects to feature on our site. Again, we won’t publish without asking for your final approval.

Questions to expect:

  • What’s your favorite thing about working with young people?
  • Your “origin” story, what led you to this? (No need to cover the basics of your bio, James will include that in your intro)
  • What advice do you have for a parent or educator today?
  • What’s a metaphor for your way of doing things in contrast to the conventional way?

General questions for School Founders

Painting a picture

  • What is your school like? What kind of space do you have and how many students? How does a typical day go?
  • Specifically, do you have stories about how kids found the right fit in your school that did not happen for them in traditional schools?

How you did it

  • Did you always know that you would end up with a situation like this, leading a school, or your family in this direction? If not, can you remember the first spark that lead you to this path?
  • … and when did you feel like you were ready to go “all in”? When did you feel certain or do you?
  • Tell us more about the initial phase, that first year, how it went from imagination to reality.

Details, Differentiators

  • How did you decide on this particular type/style of education and has it changed? How? What was the process?
  • What is the biggest difference here compared to a traditional school?
  • Can it handle a big variety of types of learners (and families), or is there a niche it caters more to? How do you see that affecting the learners experience?
  • What does this type of education require from parents in terms of time and energy? Is it possible for them to be involved more than the usual if they wanted to?
  • How structured is it? How much of the activity is guided by the kids’ choice? What’s good about that amount?
  • If you could describe the school in just three words, what would they be?
  • What’s a good metaphor for comparing new schools to traditional schools, or your experience of them.


  • What was the biggest setback or obstacle in the beginning, and how did you overcome it?
  • Say there’s a parent listening and they are considering a few options for their preschooler – homeschooling, traditional schools or something in between. What’s the “aha moment” that you hear from parents who decided to go on this path?
  • When you first looked at other people doing this, were you concerned that they might have something you didn’t have? Was there any truth to that? Because we dont want to mislead people! Now that you’re on the other side.. what’s the secret sauce? What does the listener really need to make it work? Be honest!

Outro“Where can we go to learn more about you?”

General Tips for Recording:

  • Smile while you speak, it’s reflected in the audio.
  • We are not in a hurry, It’s not a live conversation! If you say something not-right, just take a moment and do it again, we will edit out the mistake.
  • If you are calling from your cell phone, please find a quiet place with good service, but not at the expense of your comfort. We’d rather you be comfortable than have perfect audio quality.

Thank you!