Catherine Fraise

Catherine Fraise – Confident Learners

Catherine Fraise – Confident Learners

Show Notes:

Catherine Fraise is the Founder and President of 100 Roads, the Founder of Workspace Education, and WorkspaceSKY Teens. She has worked in education for 30 years. 

WorkspaceSKY Teens is a brand new destination for learning just for teens. Teens choose academics from anywhere, join an advisory and enjoy incredible social networking opportunities.

100 Roads is a research-based 501c3 organization supporting the development of co learning communities globally.

Workspace is a 32,000 sq ft Maker and co-working space designed to help families implement education their way, in a vibrant learning community. Parents can teach, bring in teachers and experts, or choose from a database of tutors and teachers, online classes and curriculums as well as a smorgasbord of classes that appeal to all kinds of learners. 

Check out their website for more information: 

Key Takeaways:  

00: 01:43 Life Story

00:17:40 Drastic move from Connecticut to Montana

00:25:30 Can it take the place of regular school?

00:35:49 In-Person Experiences and Kids’ Personality

00:41:48 Social Life of Kids

00:44:28: Comparing Workspace Education and Workspace Sky Teens with Conventional School

00:57:09 Cath’s Personal Creativity Process


I went into education because I wanted to reform it and change it.

What we should be really looking for is engagement.

Gen Z is the loneliest generation… if you want to conquer loneliness, you just really need one great friend.

Any parent can actually teach.

It’s not about the academic pathway, it’s about who they are, what they care about, and how they fully and authentically express themselves in the world.

You have to trust yourself as a parent.

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