Joseph Connor – CEO of Schoolhouse

Show Notes:

Joseph Connor is a startup founder, attorney, and teacher.  He is the co-founder of SchoolHouse, a micro school company. Joseph is a teacher and lawyer who loves helping great educators start schools.  Joseph founded SchoolHouse, an at home micro school company, and helped them scale to over 50 schools in 9 states.  

He started his career as a teacher and school leader at KIPP and Rocketship Education.  He has also worked as legal counsel for school organizations and companies, including Match Education, AltSchool, the Notre Dame Ace Academies and Primer.  He has a passion for helping great teachers broaden their reach.

Key Takeaways:

00:04:18 What are some of the drivers for Families and Educators to do something different?

00:08:55 Struggle between public and private school.

00:18:37 What do you predict will happen with K-12 as the world changes?

00:24:28 What will be the most successful model of school?

00:28:44 What would you want to do next?

00:33:54 If you could offer a metaphor comparing conventional school with Schoolhouse..?


Parents want a school that reflects their family’s values and their community’s values. And when there’s none in that school, that’s I think when they start looking for alternatives like microshool, homeschooling.

Unless public schools are able to adapt to some of the innovations, you’ll see a decline in the traditional public schools here in America as parents increasingly reach out to those different options.

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