Clark Aldrich - Educational Simulations

Clark Aldrich – Educational Simulations

Clark Aldrich – Educational Simulations

Clark Aldrich has been called a ‘guru’ by Fortune Magazine and a ‘maverick’ by CNN.  He and his work in educational media have been featured in hundreds of sources, including CBS, ABC, The New York Times, USA Today, ESPN, AP, Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNET, Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, and U.S. News and World Report. He has been quoted by President Obama and invited to speak at the Koch brothers’ annual education summit.

Aldrich is the creator of Short Sims, a revolutionary pedagogy that combines the best practices of gamification, microlearning, and traditional conanchtent.  Aldrich develops custom Short Sims through, including for Visa, Department of State, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Center for Army Leadership.

He has degree from Brown University is in cognitive science. Hetrains designers based on his newest book, Short Sims: A Game Changer (April 2020). Clark Aldrich Designs is a boutique education company, founded by Clark Aldrich, which works with corporate, military, and academic clients

He published research, beginning in 1999, outlined the failure of formal education approaches to teach leadership, innovation, and other strategic skills, and then advocated interactive experiences borrowing techniques from current computer games as media to fill these gaps.

Key Takeaways:

02:19 Clark and how he got connected with the Sandefers and Acton.

06:08 Do schools Overcontrol Learners instead of Allowing and Trusting them to go with things?

18:19 What is Short Sims?

40:29 Why should you look for alternative schools?

50:44 Metaphor on Conventional School versus Short SIM


“You want to trust kids as long as possible to pick them up on their own. But at some point do need to guide them towards it.”

“I hope we get to a point where you can take college classes more easily virtually and be on the same fund and only the ones that you want and not the ones that you don’t want and put together your degree.”

“The other thing to recognize increasingly is that entrepreneurship is the new college degree.”

“And it turns out all these important skills that we’re talking about, like leadership, stewardship, relationship, management, innovation, creativity, security- all these are not linear at all.”

“The goal of education is to find out what you’re really good at, find out what you care a lot about, and then figure out how to connect the two.”

“One great way for anyone over 12 or 13 years old, to figure out where their passion is of whom are they envious. It’s one of the great drivers.”

“Everyone needs to stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us. Learn from each other and then just start. It’s an incredibly interesting way of changing ourselves and also changing the world.”

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