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Learning is Natural.  School is Optional.



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Year Started1996
Which age level do you cater for?12-19
What makes your school unique?North Star is not a school.  We support teens to use a self-directed approach, with homeschooling being the legal mechanism.
How do you empower parents?We encourage parents and teens to build their own weekly routines and learning plans from scratch, based on their own interests and concerns.
What makes your school, the best place for teachers to work?Teachers have nearly full freedom to decide what to teach, how to work with teens, and what hours to work.  We are collegial and close.
Describe the school environment.Welcoming. Supportive.
What advice can you give to parents who are seeking the right school choice for their kids?Maybe the right choice is “None of the above.”  Consider the idea of community-based, supported, and empowering independent approach.