The New Schools: Our Purpose and Objectives

Why does The New Schools exist?

Our main mission revolves around improving the health and well-being of children, through educating and inspiring adults to strengthen their communities, create environments that foster play and to communicate effectively and peacefully. We are delving into the education field because of multiple reasons. One is that the team has the passion for teaching and learning and so this project will serve as our personal and professional development pathway. We are also highly curious to learn about all the different components and strategies that constitute the success of the new schools.

Most importantly, we are doing this because of the kids. They are spending half or more of their waking lives in schools and we want to show the world how these new learning environments serve and protect their rights and individual needs.

Our Objectives

Here is a list of objectives that we have planned out and if you would like to see the specific and time-bound version, please refer to The New School Roadmap V2.0.

  • To showcase various learning environments of kids that are not in the regular school setting: homeschool, mircroschool, alternative school, pop-up schools, forest schools, etc.
  • To learn from founders, researchers and administrators of these institutions about how kids learn best, how to provide a conducive learning environment, how to develop the curriculum, how to engage learners, etc.
  • To find happy kids who are proud to show their learning community.
  • To educate parents about alternative school choices.
  • To invite/motivate educators to form microschools
  • To help parents make the choice to homeschool/join a coop/microschool, etc
  • To add value to the education field by raising awareness or creating a community. Joining a existing team is also still an option if we find one. We will find existing teams in communities when we start researching how to create one.
  • To be able to help in school improvement solutions in the future.

Stay tuned for more news on The New Schools!