Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore – Worldschooling and Connecting with Children

In this interview, Sarah Moore of Dandelion Seeds Positive Living shares her story as a worldschooler and a playful parent. Her credentials include publications and speaking engagements all over the globe, undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, certificates in Child Honouring Course from the Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring and completing the Parenting 2.0 course from Dr. Vanessa Lapointe. She also spent a year observing Teacher Tom, who’s one of the world’s leading practitioners of ‘democratic play-based’ education. She also works with worldwide bestselling gentle parenting author, Elizabeth Pantley.

Sarah has worked with hundreds of children in the classroom setting in addition to worldschooling her own child and currently offering courses to parents and teachers to help them along their peaceful parenting journey. With Sarah’s improvisational comedy training, she is a credible source of creative strategies on cultivating play as adults, fostering cooperation and connection with children and getting them to be actively and happily engaged in academic learning. Are you ready to be a playful parent/homeschooler? Learn the key tips from Sarah Moore’s story!

Key Takeaways:

2:47 – Sarah’s Journey as a Parent

12:48 – Worldschooling her Child

18:22 – Daily Routines

25:20 – Examples of play time in Sarah’s home

23:44 – How to cultivate play as adults/parents

34:21 – Learning through experience

39:03 – Finding the right type of schooling for her child

43:53 – Tips for parents who are busy but want to provide the same type of learning environment for their kids

51:49 – Preparation vs Mindset

56:49 –  Metaphor for the difference between traditional homeschooling to alternative schooling

01:00:46- Advice for parents on Government Regulation for homeschooling/worldschooling


“They are more receptive to learning if they had a chance to connect with their big person, with their teacher, they will learn much better if they are feeling connected.”

“Take what is real, take what is happening, and simply build on to it. So that there is nobody talking out of their feelings, there’s nobody talking out of their reality.”

“See things from a child’s perspective and simply building upon the story that they have in their mind versus trying to encourage a transition that they are not ready for the moment.”

“It is easy to fill the ‘academic bucket’ just by simply living life.”

“School doesn’t start and stop at a certain time.”

“Our kids are natural-born learners.”

“Kids learn because they are ready to learn.”

“The very best curriculum I ever bought was a dry-erase whiteboard.”