Travis Adams

Travis Adams – Every Child Can be an Entrepreneur

Travis Adams – Every Child Can be an Entrepreneur

Travis Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of MyFirstSale and lives in Tyler, Texas. Travis has a passion for igniting the creativity and uniqueness inside of kids.

He owns a summer camp called Camp Huawni and has started and grown multiple companies, including Apex Fun Run (with Scott Donell), Affair Recovery, and Grow My Camp.

Travis and his best bud, Scott Donnell, met at the Acton School of Business where they discovered their shared passion of inspiring kids. Travis is most passionate about his wife Mandi and their three sons. He also loves to surf.

Key Takeaways:

00:10 Favorite Thing Working with Young Learners

00:09 Why did you and your wife decide on Acton for your kids?

00:23 Why do you see ADHD as a positive thing?

00:31:54 Metaphor for Acton versus Conventional School


“Every kid is unique. Each kid is literally one of a kind throughout history. And as you get to be around them, you get to see that come out.”

“Loving to learn because if they love to learn, we know, and there’s plenty of scientific evidence behind this that they’ll take off.”

“Our kind of big goal is we want to launch a million kid businesses. And we also, what we do is we empower kids to take on the real world, because we all know that not every kid is going to be an entrepreneur, but every kid can learn to be entrepreneurial. “

“My hope is there’ll be way more confidence about their (children’s) trajectory based on their journey and way more plugged into their own wiring that they’re going to make every step count.”

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