Aaron Eden

Aaron Eden – Re-humanizing Education

Aaron Eden – Re-humanizing Education

Aaron Eden’s mission is to re-humanize how we work, learn, live, and lead. Aaron is

Executive Director at the Institute for Applied Tinkering, the parent organization of

Brightworks which is consistently listed as one of the most innovative schools in the world.

He is also a founding partner at Eliad Group, a transformation design firm, where he works

with schools and businesses around the world to shift from command-and-control to cocreation as the basis for purposeful, innovative endeavor.

He helps start new schools that are trying to re-humanize education, and help existing ones

transform to new paradigms of learning. He also coaches parents and learning facilitators

that are working to support Self-Directed Education in non-formal learning environments.

Key Takeaways:

1:30 Parents to Reconnect with your Why.

10:00 Aaron talks about Adult Power.

28:00 Advice to Frustrated Parents.

30:39 Dealing with Parents who don’t align.

32:40 Two Things to Look for a School

41:30 Entrepreneurial Enterprise Program

45:05 How do you help students without forcing yourself to be in the process?

52:00 Screen Time, COVID and meeting Learners’ Social Needs Health

1:05:02 How do you see College for your kids?

01:07:23 Metaphor that describes Traditional versus your Vision of School


“I believe every human being should be allowed to do whatever it is they’re choosing to do as

long as it’s not hurting somebody else or them in the very short term.”

“The most important thing is that we are consistent in our relating with our kids.”

“I would say the underlying philosophy of all of the work that I do, whether it’s in corporate

spaces and like high-performance teams and all of that, or kindergarten or graduate school,

it’s all the same, which is that when we shift from a language of blame and judgment to a 

language of need and appreciation, we all get more of what we want.”

“And sometimes when I don’t finish something, it’s because I’m scared of putting the thing out

into the world and being judged on it.”

“What I think is the beauty of all of this is that the recipe is the same for every challenge,

which is to be honest about why we care.”

“Every kid, every human can choose, how they want to do things and enrich their life. If we

haven’t trained them out of that ability.”

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