Vijay Shah - The Limitless Potential of Learners

Vijay Shah – The Limitless Potential of Learners

Vijay Shah – The Limitless Potential of Learners

Vijay is currently the  co-founder, director, and a Socratic Guide at The Humanist Academy.  Has  two Master’s degrees, one in from The University of Chicago (Divinity  School), and another in School Leadership and Administration from  National Louis University. His professional experience includes teaching high  school history and math teacher in inner-city Chicago, he’s also been  an assistant principal, principal, an adjunct professor (at Loyola  University), and he worked briefly with National Geographic  leading  student expedition trips across the world. One of his most formative experiences was when he spent two years in India studying philosophy and literature at an  alternative residential institution near Mumbai. Most importantly  though, he’s the loving father of 3 adorable kids, all 5 and under, has a  wonderful wife, amazing parents, and a very close knit extended family  that have been his backbone and support throughout his life.

Key Takeaways:

00:22 What’s your favorite thing about working with Young Learners?

07:02 Vijay’s origin story on how he decided to do something different.

17:14 Advice to Frustrated and Afraid Parents

23:51 All About the Humanist Academy

27:00 How do you deal with religion?

31:15 How do you train guides?

35:02 How has your school been affected by COVID?

43:25 The Business Fair

44:58 Metaphor that describes conventional schooling versus what you do.


“Let’s take out two things. Industrialized education and behaviorism. This idea that children need adults to jam information into their incompetent, incapable  empty vessels. They are full of wisdom, knowledge, and genius, and we need to allow them to, to thrive.”

“Every human being, I believe, is in this world to find their place and to learn about the world and themselves and make an impact – have some meaningful contribution.”

“We’re all human beings. We’re here for a higher purpose. There’s a spiritual element to who we are as beings. And I think that brings out, personally, that’s the greatest part of what we are.”

“Children are far more capable than we can ever imagine.”

“What’s beautiful about the Acton model is that we don’t have teachers  that give answers. We have guides who ask questions and nurture  curiosity.

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