Amir Nathoo

Amir Nathoo – Raising Well-Balanced Learners

Amir Nathoo – Raising Well-Balanced Learners

Amir Nathoo is the CEO and Co-founder at Outschool. Outschool is a marketplace for live online classes for K-12 learners. He led the development of Square Payroll and also served as CEO and co-founder of

He holds an MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences from The University of Cambridge and he has a young son.

Key Takeaways:

00:17 Amir’s Elevator Pitch and Motivations Behind Founding Outschool

03:05 Impactful Learning Outside Regular School

05:28 Handling Screentime and Technology

14:44 If you could re-engineer school for the 21st century, what would that look like?

17:59 The Dramatic Impact of the Pandemic on Outschool

32:35 Tips for Parents in Choosing Online Classes

37:59 Amir’s Education and Transportation System Analogy


“I have a strong belief that we can design our interactions with our kids and our family’s lives to handle any challenges.”

“I recognize it’s challenging and all kids are different. So I think we should resist the idea of overgeneralization that we can just come up with a recipe and that this is gonna work for all kids.”

“There’s this word hybrid. And I would say it again and again. Hybrid- combine different modes of learning in order to achieve good balance.”

“The reality is what’s a great class for one kid is not necessarily the best class for another kid. And so the most important thing is to find the perfect class for your kid and find the right group.”

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