Acton Academy Begen County

Acton Academy Bergen County

Inspiring children to find a calling, explore their path and change the world.



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Date StartedSeptember 2019
What grades do you offer?Kindergarten-6th
What makes your school unique?We are a learner-driven community where the focus is on the learners take ownership of their own learning, work at their own pace, and find their gift and talents that will enable them to change the world.
How do you empower parents?We encourage open lines of communication, parents can come to us with any questions they have. Every few sessions, we hold a parents’ night where parents discuss their own hero’s journey, learn more about the practice and pedagogy used at Acton, and how they can employ Socratic methods at home.
What makes your school, the best place for teachers to work?Acton Academy of Bergen County not only helps the learners understand their Hero’s Journey, but pushes the guides to examine their own. There’s much more freedom than you would find in a traditional public school. At Acton, guides serve as just that; guides. There are no regimented lesson plans that need to be followed and tests that need to be administered several times a year. This freedom leaves more room for personal growth and practice.
Describe the school environment.Our environment cultivates engagement through hands-on learning and collaborative projects. If you walk into our studio, you won’t find rows of desks and posters with facts to be memorized. Instead, you will be greeted by open spaces, our studio contracts on the wall, and students developing their own learning style, not sitting passively waiting to be taught.
What advice can you give to parents who are seeking the right school choice for their kids?Talk with your learner, see what kind of school environment they might think would be good for them. Ask them questions about their previous school environment to see what the enjoyed and didn’t enjoy while they were there.