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Date StartedOctober 2019
What grades do you offer?We don’t use grade levels, we serve ages 6 – 12 currently, but will serve all school ages starting the 2021 school year.
What makes your school unique?We are considered a micro-school. I have a specialty in language processing differences like dyslexia and work hard to provide an appropriate curriculum for our learners that need it. 
How do you empower parents?Our parents get to participate in parent ed meetings 3 times a school year, are part of their Eagle’s team, and communications are clear and transparent.
What makes your school, the best place for teachers to work?This is a place for guides to hold Socratic Discussions, then sit back and watch as Eagles learn to take ownership of their space and education, then SOAR! It’s amazing.
Describe the school environment.Comfortable and safe for all who enter. 
What advice can you give to parents who are seeking the right school choice for their kids?There is NOTHING better to invest in than their children’s education and childhood experiences. Way to go!