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Galileo is the new innovative self-directed online school for students aged 8-18 who are worldschoolers, homeschoolers, and/or unschoolers from all over the world.



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School Information

Date StartedAugust 2019
Which age group do you cater for?8-18 years old
What makes your school unique?Galileo is the innovative self-directed online global school for 8-18-year-olds which gives students the freedom to learn and excel at what interests them and prepares them for the future by exposing them to entrepreneurship, technology, and global citizenship.
How do you empower parents?Our Parent’s Community allows parents to connect and during our monthly networking events, parents share feedback and ask questions and learn about what’s ahead at Galileo. They also have access to our ‘Transparency Roadmap’ to request new clubs and ideas they wish to see in the future. Additionally, they may join any Galileo team members during their office hours.
What makes your school, the best place for teachers to work?As an educator, it is the most incredible feeling when students choose to show up to your learning environment. As a self-directed school, it is our goal to instill life-long learning in our students from the global group of mentors, leaders, and coaches that we have on our team.
Describe the school environment.“Everything is inspirational, nothing is mandatory.”
What advice can you give to parents who are seeking the right school choice for their kids?Walk alongside your learner to choose the best educational decision together and to help them flourish as they desire.