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Kelly Davis is the co-founder and the Director of Education for Galileo. She has taught in various countries throughout Asia, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to build a global school, where kids can learn and develop their best values from all cultures around the world. She lives in Taiwan and is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in America. She left in 2009 to study abroad in Australia and has been abroad since. She has studied as well in University of West Florida, University of the Sunshine Coast, Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

Key Takeaways:

00:38 East meets West for our Online Homeschoolers.

07:34 A day in the life of a Galileo student.

11:11 Addressing the needs of children thru Self-Directed Learning.

12:21 Different Homeschooling Regulations around the world.

15:23 Social Community for the kids and Commitment to Self-Directed Learning.

20:17 Traverse into the application process of Galileo and the starters to Self-Directed Learning.

24:28 Dealing with Parents who have doubts on the Self-Directed Learning approach.

30:18 Know about the diverse Nanodegrees and its role on future skills.

34:13 Let’s talk about how teachers are getting in and how Mathematics is for kids.

39:08 Greatest dream for Galileo as a Self-Directed Online Global School.

41:42 Forced Education versus The Chosen Way.


“So we see a lot of families making this shift and we’re interested in what’s happening now that they’ve seen what their kids are, are actually learning when they moved online from public school and the other half would be students that are already homeschooling or unschooling, and they’re looking for more structure or more worldly community as well.”

“So we don’t want to be a temporary solution, but shifting into a self-directed mindset and helping students see that they can be free and they can have that choice. “

“Every day we’re fighting against this current (traditional school), when we went through the system ourselves. So you’re not alone, let’s unschool together for sure.”

“We know that learning never ends and all knowledge is created equal.”

“We also have a saying for our clubs, nothing is mandatory and everything is inspirational.”

“So I believe that for self directed learning that it’s always a learning journey especially in the parents community that we’re always sharing what it’s like around the world, because everyone has a different experience and it’s, we have a parents network as well, where they’re sharing  experiences and talking about this works for me. “

“We make sure that it’s (Nanodegrees) accessible for everyone.”

“Make everyone aware that self-directed learning is a really amazing way that a child can discover something, that they want to do that they’re interested in doing that they’re inspired to do.”

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